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Leon Ware - Leon Ware (1982)

1. Slipping Away (Foster / Paich / Ware)
2. Lost In Love With You (Leib)
3. Shelter (Ware / Willis)
4. Why I Came To California (Siegel / Ware)
5. Deeper Than Love (Marcos Valle / Leon Ware)
6. Can I Touch You There (Beck / Ware / Willis)
7. Words Of Love (Conkerite / Sharron)
8. Miracles (Champlin / Ware)
9. Somewhere* (Laudir de Oliveira / Marcos Valle / Leon Ware)
10. Where Are They Now (Bettis / Kerr)

(*) Important note: soon after, Paulo Sergio Valle wrote a Portuguese version for this song called "Dentro de Você".
by Jason Elias (All Music Guide)
"This is the follow-up to 1981's much loved Rockin' You Eternally. While that effort had Ware engaged and willing to do rich and melodic work with no commercial consideration, Leon Ware more often than not seems to be overly concerned with making a big hit. Leon Ware was co-produced by Ware and the legendary Marty Paich. Although Paich had everyone from young Ella Fitzgerald to Boz Scaggs on his resumé, there wasn't much he could do with Ware. Paich also arranged the rhythm here, which is undoubtedly Ware's forte. That's not to say Leon Ware is a dismal failure — far from it. The first track "Slippin' Away" is Ware's best track here but it's reminiscent of a so-so track from Earth, Wind & Fire's Faces. In fact, Leon Ware employs some of the same players and writers from that effort. The oddly peppy "Lost in Love With You" was no doubt aiming for the charts but it possesses little or nothing of what makes Ware musically special. The track that comes closest to Ware's style is "Deeper Than Love" despite its smoldering sax solos from Gato Barbieri; the song is a little overdone. Perhaps the most telling is the duet with Flora Purim, "Somewhere." The track's promise seems to evaporate with the intro. If Purim wasn't going to light a fire under the proceedings, no one could. Throughout this effort, Ware's sounds wan and hemmed in. Given the fact that this didn't include many great songs, Leon Ware isn't the best way to get acquainted with the artist."

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