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Duke Ellington / Live & Rare - CD COMPILATION (track probably rec. in 1960´s)

1. Piano Player (Eastbourne Performance)
2. Creole Love Call (Eastbourne Performance)
3. Don't You Know I Care? (Eastbourne Performance)
4. I Can't Get Started (Eastbourne Performance)
5. New York, New York (Eastbourne Performance)
6. Pitter Panther Patter (Eastbourne Performance)
7. How High the Moon (Eastbourne Performance)
8. Basin Street Blues (Eastbourne Performance)
9. Tiger Rag (Eastbourne Performance)
10. Soso (Eastbourne Performance)
11. Meditation (Eastbourne Performance)
12. The Lion Mecuria (Eastbourne Performance)
13. Take the "A" Train (Pittsburgh Jazz Festival)
14. Ellington's Father's Day Greeting (Previously Unreleased) - Pittsburgh Jazz Festival
15. House of Lords (Pittsburgh Jazz Festival)
16. Second Portrait of the Lion (Pittsburgh Jazz Festival)
17. Sweet Fat & That (Newport Jazz Festival Announcement Party)
18. Satin Doll (Newport Jazz Festival Announcement Party)
19. Carolina Shout (Newport Jazz Festival Announcement Party)
20. Ellington Speaks (Duke at Tanglewood)
21. Caravan (Duke at Tanglewood)
22. Ellington Speaks (Duke at Tanglewood)
23. Mood Indigo (Duke at Tanglewood)
24. Ellington Speaks (Duke at Tanglewood)
25. The Mooche (Duke at Tanglewood)
26. Ellington Speaks (Duke at Tanglewood)
27. I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart (Duke at Tanglewood)
28. Ellington Speaks (Duke at Tanglewood)
29. I'm Beginning to Se the Light (Duke at Tanglewood)
30. Ellington Speaks (Duke at Tanglewood)
31. Do Nothin' till You Hear From Me (Duke at Tanglewood)
32. Ellington Speaks (Duke at Tanglewood)
33. Sophisticated Lady (Duke at Tanglewood)
34. Timon of Athens March (Duke at Tanglewood)
35. Solitude (Duke at Tanglewood)
36. I Got I Bad (And That Ain't Good) - Duke at Tanglewood
37. Satin Doll (Duke at Tanglewood)
38. Love Scene (Duke at Tanglewood)
39. Single Petal of a Rose (Duke at Tanglewood)
40. The Mooche (Rehearsal Takes: Previously Unreleased)
41. The Mooche (Rehearsal Takes: Previously Unreleased)
42. Love Scene (Rehearsal Takes: Previously Unreleased)
43. Love Scene (Rehearsal Takes: Previously Unreleased)
44. I'm Beginning to See the Light (Rehearsal Takes: Previously Unreleased)
45. Do Nothin' till You Hear From Me (Rehearsal Takes: Previously Unreleased)
46. Satin Doll (Breakdown & Take) - Rehearsal Takes: Previously Unreleased
47. La Dolce Vita (Reader's Digest Recordings)
48. Alfie (Reader's Digest Recordings)
49. Spanish Flea (Reader's Digest Recordings)
50. Manhã de Carnaval (Issued as 'A Day in the Life of a Fool') - Reader's Digest Recordings
51. A Taste of Honey (Reader's Digest Recordings)
52. So Nice (Summer Samba) / Samba de Verão (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle / Vers. Ray Gilbert) - Reader's Digest Recordings
53. Misty (Reader's Digest Recordings)
54. One Note Samba (Reader's Digest Recordings)
55. Soon It's Gonna Rain (Reader's Digest Recordings)
56. Mr. Lucky (Reader's Digest Recordings)
57. Walking Happy (Reader's Digest Recordings)
58. Moon Maiden (Instrumental) (Reader's Digest Recordings)
59. La Dolce Vita (Previously Unreleased Alternate Takes)
60. Alfie (Previously Unreleased Alternate Takes)
61. A Taste of Honey (Previously Unreleased Alternate Takes)
62. So Nice (Summer Samba)/Samba de Verão (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle / Vers. Norman Gimbel) - Previously Unreleased Alternate Takes
63. One Note Samba (Previously Unreleased Alternate Takes)
64. Soon It's Gonna Rain (Previously Unreleased Alternate Takes)
65. Soon It's Gonna Rain (Previously Unreleased Alternate Takes)
66. Soon It's Gonna Rain (Previously Unreleased Alternate Takes)
67. Moon Maiden (Vocal Version) (Previously Unreleased Alternate Takes)
68. Walking Happy (Breakdown Takes) - Previously Unreleased Alternate Takes
69. Walking Happy (Excerpt Only) - Previously Unreleased Alternate Takes
70. Walking Happy (Previously Unreleased Alternate Takes)

Contributing artists:
Arthur Fiedler, Boston Pops, Earl Hines
Album notes
Japanese version, CD LIVE & RARE, contains the original LP albums EASTBOURNE PERFORMANCE (1974) and THE DUKE AT TANGLEWOOD (1965) as well as rare recordings taken from rehearsals, private parties and special sessions for the Reader's Digest Big Band series.

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