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Leon Ware - Inside Is Love (1979)

1. What´s Your Name? (Leon Ware)
2. Inside Your Love (Minnie Riperton / Rudolph / Leon Ware)
3. Love Is A Simple Thing (Robert Lamm / Marcos Valle)*
4. Small Cafe (Manchester / Roker / Leon Ware)
5. Club Sashay (Manchester / Leon Ware)
6. Try It Out (Leon Ware / Eillis)
7. Love Will Run Away (Brooks / Leon Ware)
8. On The Island (Anderson / Leon Ware)
9. Hungry (Anderson / David Blumberg / Leon Ware)

(*) Important note: this song, in Portuguese, named "Tapa no Real" , with lyric written by Paulo Sergio Valle for album "Marcos Valle"/Som Livre, 1983.

by Jason Elias (All Music Guide)
Writer and producer Leon Ware has been responsible for some of R&B and pop's most lush and romantic tracks. Ware produced Marvin Gaye's 1976 classic I Want You. He also co-wrote songs like Michael Jackson's "I Wanna Be Where You Are", Marlena Shaw's "Sweet Beginnings", and the Main Ingredient's "Rollin' Down a Mountainside" to name a few. This album is the follow-up to his 1976 Gordy release Musical Massage and was released shortly after he was behind the controls for nine of the ten tracks of Melissa Manchester's Don't Cry Loud. Inside Is Love has the intelligent and melody rich work fans expect from Leon Ware. Produced by Ware and Ron Roker, this has arrangements from David Blumberg, Gene Page, and Sonny Burke. Although he's not the world's strongest vocalist, his methodical, light tenor gives these songs a personal stamp. The first track, "What's Your Name" has Ware playing his naïve lothario act to the hilt. The magnificent "Love Is a Simple Thing", co-written by Chicago member Robert Lamm, possesses a chorus that is both poignant and uplifting. Throughout Inside Is Love, Ware has some of his best lyrics and a batch of players to pull it off. The fanciful "Club Sashay," co-written by Manchester, has a gentle rhythm that's a perfect match for the phonetically pleasing words. The last track, "Hungry" has Ware mixing his classic style with the disco-fied chorus. Despite a couple of tracks that miss the mark, Inside Is Love is an absolute necessity for fans of emotional and brainy R&B/pop.

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