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Connie Francis - Souvenirs / CD COMPILATION (track from single rec. in 1967)

*Track from this rare single 'So Nice', edited in 1967:

Tracklist from Disk 4:

1. Jealous Heart
2. When The Boys Meet The Girls
3. Exodus/Havah Negilah (Dance Ever...)
4. Love Is Me, Love Is You
5. I'd Let You Break My Heart All O...
6. It's A Different World
7. Somewhere, My Love
8. A Letter From A Soldier (Dear Mama)
9. A Nurse In The U.S. Army Corps
10. So Nice (Summer Samba)/Samba de Verão (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle / Vers. Norman Gimbel)*
11. All The Love In The World (Et Si...)
12. Spanish Nights And You (Noches E...)
13. Games That Lovers Play
14. Another Page
15. Souvenir D'italie
16. Time Alone Will Tell (Non Pensar...)
17. Born Free
18. My Heart Cries For You
19. Lonely Again
20. My World Is Slipping Away
21. Why Say Goodbye (A Comme Amour)
22. Addio, Mi 'Amore
23. Somebody Else Is Taking My Place
24. Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?
25. I Don't Wanna Play House
26. The Wedding Cake
27. Gone Like The Wind
28. Zingara (Gypsy)

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